Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chris Chico's Real Estate Voodoo

So, I let the Virtual Wholesaling program go a while ago. I didn't really see the point of paying almost $900 a year for online access to a program. However, I got a recent ad from Cris Chico (Virtual Wholesaling's creator) for his Real Estate Voodoo program. It only cost $27, so I figured, what the heck; why not try it out?

Well, boy howdy! I already had a source for absentee owner leads as I can get them through my title company. Therefore, I didn't need the videos on getting leads through Realquest or SiteXData. I also already have an automatic answering/voice mail service, so didn't use the one he recommended. But... the postcard that he gave and the instructions for using Click2Mail to send them were excellent.

I sent approximately 600 postcards that went out Monday and the calls started flooding in Tuesday. It's Thursday and I've received 25 calls and 6 of them left messages saying they're interested in selling property. I'm very happy with that response rate. The mailing cost right around $170.00 and if I can flip even one of these properties, my returns will be amazing.

I've been watching the videos on how to speak to the sellers and how to craft the offers. In order to follow this program, you need to have sitexdata comp reports, so I just ordered those and must wait for approval (on a free trial) before I call the sellers back.

So far, the Real Estate Voodoo program is simple, easy to follow and quite effective. Frankly, I like it better than the Virtual Wholesaling site - ESPECIALLY for the price! The Real Estate Voodoo web site is actually lined up, top to bottom with the document you need, videos explaining what to do and links for other web services.

I'll let you know what happens when I call the sellers using the script that Mr. Chico provides.

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