Saturday, January 23, 2010

Proud owner of a triplex... for a week anyway

I've been very, very busy this week. I had to close on the triplex myself because my buyers needed more time to close than the seller was willing to give me.

I found a transactional funder who financed the property for a week. It's costing me 3.25 points (which I thought was 2, but when I read the loan docs, it costs an additional 1.25 points when I pay off the loan). So, with the funder who got the loan approved in 2 days - kudos to her!!! - I was able to close on the triplex on Friday afternoon.

Also, my Realtor wrote a contract between me and my end buyer and I'm paying him extra for all the work that he did to help me. He's been a rock and I'm so happy to have him on my team.

Friday night, I put a "free stuff" ad in Craigslist and spent Saturday morning giving away all the stuff people had abandoned in one of the 2 bedroom units. They literally left a houseful of stuff, as well as 9 leaf sized trash bags of trash (so far). Tomorrow someone is driving up from Colorado Springs to get much of the rest of the stuff (woohoo!).

My buyers are going to close sometime on or before the 29th - hopefully before. And I must say that not going with these buyers in the first place cost me around $5,000. This was a very expensive lesson to learn, but believe me when I say that it is well-learned. And even though it cost me money, I have made quite a few good contacts from it, including 2 more cash buyers and 2 good funders.

I'll let you know what happens next week.

Until next time...

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