Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine; Mentorship Program

Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine:

So, one of the first things you are supposed to do when setting up the Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine is to put a list of bookmarks into Mozilla FireFox. I loaded up FireFox with no problem... but the bookmarks are in MS Word and I have NO IDEA how to move them from Word to FireFox easily.

Note to Larry: Please tell me how to put the links from the Word document into FireFox. I'm fairly technically savvy, and if I'm having problems, so are others.

So, I guess I'll have to transfer the links one at a time, then categorize them, one at a time, into folders. I need an assistant to do it for me.

Mentorship Program:

I am so behind on doing the 4 things I needed to do for homework.

1. make a basic financial statement
2. decide on 3 month goal
3. create basic plan to reach it
4. make one on one appointment

I am putting the financial statement together. That should only take a few minutes as I already have all the information written down.

My 3 month goal is to make $50,000.

How do I do it?

First, I need to find home sellers. I plan to post ads on bus benches in areas I want to target. These are solid blue-collar areas that are below the current Denver metro median price of $203,000. I also want to do direct mail campaigns to absentee owners, burnt-out landlords, pre-foreclosure homeowners and Realtors for sellers.

Second, I need to find wholesale buyers and/or renters. I will do a mailing campaign to people who have recently purchased investment properties in the areas I am targeting to find wholesale buyers. To find renters/lease purchasers, I will post properties online and create multi-sign marketing campaigns.

Third, I need to find private investors. Ideally, they will have IRA money that can be moved to a self-directed IRA so they can earn great returns tax-free.

Okay, now that's all done, so I need to call and make an appointment for my one on one.

Until next time.

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  1. You have been quite busy and it looks good so far. Good Luck!