Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Top Choices

Okay, so I think my top choices to start are 7-Day Instant Cash Secrets, Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine, The Short Sales Riches System and Virtual Wholesaling. These all seem to be soup to nuts programs. Let's see if they work.

I've gone to the courthouse to try to get probate and in my counties, the clerks are definitely locked gates... I'll walk that path when I pick some of the lower hanging fruit (information that's easier to get to). Meanwhile, I'll continue to collect the Notices to Creditors that I can find and go with those.

I've decided against Alexis McGee's program because it's too much like stalking. Call the friends, call the neighbors, call the family before you talk to the person in pre-foreclosure. Oh, and by the way, here's how you find all that information. It might work, but it creeps me out. I'm more into actually trying to contact the person in trouble before trying to contact everyone else in his or her world.

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